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Most people, when they think about braces, the terms expensive and time consuming come to mind. Now there is an option that is both faster and more affordable—Fastbraces®.

Advantages of Fastbraces®

Speed of Treatment

Traditional braces work in two stages. In the first stage, the crowns (visible portions) of your teeth are moved into their new alignment. In the second stage, the roots of your teeth are dealt with. This typically takes two to three years. However, with Fastbraces®, your teeth can be moved into the new position in just three months to a year.

The key to this is the simultaneous movement of your crown and root. This is made possible by their unique design. There is a triangular bracket with an elevated slot that enables the wires to be more flexible. This combination allows for the torque force that aligns your root and crown at the same time.

Cost of Fastbraces®

An additional benefit to Fastbraces®is the cost. Traditional braces are not only time consuming but expensive. Fastbraces® cut down on time and money. Many patients find that they save $1000 or more using Fastbraces® over traditional braces.

Convenience of Treatment

With traditional braces, you generally have to go to both a dentist and an orthodontic specialist. Fastbraces®, however, can be done by your general dentist, so there is no need to go to a separate clinic. This also contributes to their being more economical.

Another benefit is retainer demands. With Fastbraces® you only have to wear a retainer about 15-20 minutes a day, as opposed to the 24-hour wearing after traditional braces. That is less aggravation for you and more time enjoying your beautiful new smile.